The Piptlers DeFi Cooperative is creating a community focused on supporting the championing of the creation of solutions able to support the delivery of decentralised financial services and products including the tokenisation of assets and the subsequent funding of such assets as voted for by its Cooperative members through the Cooperative structure.  The Piptlers DeFi Cooperative will endeavour to allocate a minimum of 70% of all capital contributions received through its Cooperative structure to funding passive income-generating opportunities.


The five pillars supporting the foundation of the Cooperative are: 


To provide affordable pathways & career upskilling options, that enable more people to be empowered to create an income from developing online revenue-generating opportunities be it from selling products, delivering services online, being involved in digital currency trading activities, or even developing and promoting affiliate programs.


To create an engaged community that attracts enterprises and industry partners that can support providing income-generating opportunities that Coop members can champion and create additional income streams from. 


To provide all its members access to a blockchain enabled platform that provides clear rules for governance, that manages the active participation of all membership classes, provides transparency on the allocation of use of contributed funds and the distribution of any income created by the Coop. 


That all investment manifests a vibrant, growing and empowered COOP ecosystem that is truly benefitting from the smart investment decisions of its engaged members.


This is achieved by further providing a platform for the tokenization of assets for use by its members that the Piptlers DeFi Coop can use to create opportunities for shared community ownership.  The Piptlers DeFi Coop is to provide affordable access to a platform that generates income from the listing of member projects, the management of any assets secured through the Coop, and the lending of capital.   Other investment guiding principles include:

  • Be part of the global shift to digitisation and decentralised transactions on the blockchain to the benefit of COOP members.
  • Locate, assess through the investment committee and offer quality products for fractionalised investment and shared community funding of such assets.
  • Create a compliant method for all investors to receive income from good income-producing assets supported and managed through the Coop.
  • Implement blockchain and tokenised asset solutions for secure, fair and automated income distribution.
  • To champion collaborative environments to stimulate and support entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Integrate licensed agency model available to all members whereby they can attain commissions from asset token fundraises.
  • Audited and market-leading tokenomics model to reward ecosystem participants and investors alike.
  • Development of DeFi platforms as a contribution to the decentralised finance market space.
  • Offer an aligned education and training platform to support new investors in the management of personal finances

The social purpose of the Piptlers DeFi Coop is to provide access to educational programs, mentoring and support for its members in learning how to create for themselves additional income from developing their own passive income generating business opportunities.

Additional Social purpose activities will include but not be limited to:

  1. providing access to unaccredited and paid accredited courses for supporting upskilling for those persons in financial distress that have a strong work ethic to be self-employed and create income for themselves
  2. providing access to housing for persons that are victims of domestic violence
  3. providing shelter services for rescued animals