At PIPTLEStore we are all about creating strong partnerships to build greater community engagement. 

Ideal Partners

The sort of businesses we like to partner with are those that can provide cash back rewards or that are interested in issuing their own reward tokens. These include:

We Turn Cashback and Merchant Incentives into Digital Currencies that can be Spent Globally!

Wait… what? Yep, our rewards are not only some of the highest out there but we also make it super simple for you to shop, get paid, and cash-out. All you need to do is download our PIPEZI Wallet, stuff your pockets with shiny Crypto, and enjoy being part of the crypto-revolution.

How it Works

We combined the power of the internet with the magic of blockchain to turn every crypto fan’s fantasy into reality – our Crypto Cashback! Now you can also be part of our very special Piptle community. Shop around, earn rewards and help spread the word – because the more our community grows, so do the rewards!

Current Partners


Contracoin is Global Real Estate blockchain-powered platform that gives real estate agents, brokers and property developers exposure to international real estate investors the world over. Contracoin also gives property access to properties internationally which they can pay for using the Contracoin token

Rising Sun Lifestyle

Rising Sun Lifestyle was established in the early 2000s with the goal of fostering a better quality lifestyle for Aussies by creating amazing opportunities for families to build and renovate their homes with the latest designer materials and decor.

Property Exchange Networx

Property Exchange Networx is the world’s leading international asset trade and exchange service. They have a proven track record of thousands of successful assets and exchange trades on assets such as homes, boats and businesses. With their world-class trading website platform, many years of experience and proactive secure service, their members receive the benefit of listing assets to trade with other qualified traders anywhere in the world from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.


Their team of specialists have over 20 years of industry experience and believe in providing quality, comfortable and safe housing for those who need it most, when they need it most. They aim to put their customers in control of their own homeownership and investment providing an accessible route to homeownership and investment for all.


Piiink cares about giving back to the community and use their unique program that combines savings, great deals and charity donations to make life better both for both businesses, their customers, and the community at large.