Basic Guidlines

Here are some basic guidelines on how best to promote your listings.

List New Items Regularly

  • The PIPTLEStore rewards merchants that are active and offer new products on an ongoing basis. Our algorithm favours merchants that regularly list new products, so keeping your listings fresh will help increase your sales on the PIPTLEStore.

Use Appropriate Keywords

  • Buyers normally use very specific search terms when looking for items on the PIPTLEStore. Ask yourself what words people are likely to search for when looking for what you’re selling. Also, ensure you do your research to see common searches related to your products.
  • Once you have three to five keywords, it’s important to include them in your store description, page titles, meta tags, image alt tags, etc. But refrain from keyword spamming (using words or details that are not related to your items); it violates the PIPTLEStore’s policy.

When Possible Provide Fast and Free Shipping

  • Providing free shipping is a fantastic way to increase sales, but ensure you check the cost before you offer it.
  • Look at the available options at your country’s postal service. Normally, small and light items are able to be sent for a fixed price which expedites eCommerce shipping. By adding that to the price you can cover the shipping expense without needing to add shipping fees. 
  • Customers like seeing the things they bought are on their way as soon as possible, so have a system in place that ensures a speedy delivery. For example, you can save time every day or every week to send your products. Check out eBay’s shipping options to see what’s available through the platform.

Be Generous in Your Return Policy

  • A strict return policy can be a turnoff for buyers when they’re considering making a purchase.
List Items at an Appropriate Price
  • Price is a very important factor when it comes to buyers making purchasing decisions.
  • This is especially true when it comes to popular products, where there is high.?
  • When setting your price, several factors should be taken into consideration. Most importantly though, you need to protect your margins. There’s no point in selling hundreds of products if you’re making a minimal profit on them.
Maintain a Great Rating
  • Ratings are a significant factor when it comes to how PIPTLEStore determines who is shown as a top seller. Getting a ton of positive reviews doesn’t happen overnight, though. You need to consistently provide fantastic customer service.

Include High-Quality Images of Products

  • From a buyer’s perspective, they want to have a clear understanding of what they’re buying before they make a purchase. That’s why it’s important that you include photos of the items you’re listing from different angles, including close-ups so that it’s easy for them to see each item in detail.

Deliver Great Customer Service

  • With so many merchants on the PIPTLEStore, one of your differentiating factors is how well you treat your customers. That’s why offering superb customer service is critical. A quick response time coupled with a positive attitude will help you sell more.
  • Maintain a positive attitude not only when you receive good reviews but also when a customer is unhappy. Ensure customers can contact you easily and respond quickly when they do. Strive to deliver a solution quickly and acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake.
Promoting Through Social Media

Social media encompasses a variety of platforms with millions of users online every single day. They share their passions with their friends and family, and the world at large, while also connecting with what they love. This makes social media the perfect space for you to become part of the conversation, and turn followers into buyers.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram help connect people with shared interests. When they come across something they like they can share it with their friends, and if their friends decide to share it, soon it can become a viral phenomenon.

Making the most of social media to connect with buyers on social media isn’t difficult or costly, however it does require some knowledge and planning.

Here are a few tips to put the power of social media to work for you and help promote your listings.

Be authentic

  • Always consider who your target audience is when trying to build a relationship with them
  • Stay true to yourself as a seller and person as this will help build your credibility as a merchant.

Consider your options

  • Think about what social media channels your target audience uses and explore each carefully before deciding where to start
  • In general
    • People use Facebook for staying in touch
    • People use Instagram for sharing photos and videos
    • People use Twitter to stay up to date on breaking news
    • People use YouTube to watch and share videos

Create a separate account for your business

  • Create a business page on your chosen platforms and use it to promote your PIPTLEStore listings.

Start small

  • Start with one channel and build up your presence before moving onto the next. By focusing your efforts on activities that are most likely to give you a good return on your investment you will be making the best use of your time.

Listen and engage

  • Contribute to the online conversation by creating fresh, genuine content regularly. Take your time to listen to what your fans are saying about you and your products on your chosen social channels. Also, don’t forget to respond to your customers and leads promptly to take advantage of social media power and cultivate your loyal customers.

Cross-promote your channels

  • Share your YouTube videos on Facebook and point Twitter followers to your blog. Be creative.

Don't expect instant results

  • It takes time to build a presence on one channel let alone many. As long as you regularly post interesting content though, your channels will grow. Don’t give up!